Selection Procedure for Best (Student) Paper Awards

  • The lead Program Chair handles the nomination process of best paper finalists based on the merits of the papers and the reviews received.
  • Only papers with full scores by all reviewers are considered.
  • The manuscripts were sent to the Award Chairs for evaluation and selection.
  • The Award Committee evaluated each paper based on significance, motivation, problem statement, technical contribution, impact, and clarity of writing and presentation before making recommendations to the General Chairs and Programme Chairs for final approval.

Award Chair

Leopoldina Fortunati, University of Udine

Award Committee

Silvia Rossi, University of Naples

Alessandro Di Nuovo, University of Sheffield

Kerstin Haring, University of Denver

John-John Cabibihan, Qatar University

Francesco Ferro, PAL robotics

Best Paper Award

Affect Display Recognition through Tactile and Visual Stimuli in a Social Robot

Sara Marques-Villarroya, Juan Jose Gamboa-Montero, Cristina Jumela-Yedra, Jose Carlos Castillo, and Miguel Angel Salichs

  • Certificate
  • 500€ Cash prize
  • 1 voucher for (Sponsored by IJSR) 


  • 33 – Socially-Aware Mobile Robot Trajectories for Face-to-Face Interactions, Yalun Wen, Xingwei Wu, Katsu Yamane, and Soshi Iba
  • 130 – Speech-driven Robot Face Action Generation with Deep Generative Model for Social Robots, Chuang Yu, Heng Zhang, Zhegong Shangguan, Xiaoxuan Hei, Angelo Cangelosi, and Adriana Tapus

Best Student Paper Award

I designed it, so I trust it: the influence of customization on psychological ownership and trust toward robots

Dimitri Lacroix, Ricarda Wullenkord, and Friederike Eyssel

  • Certificate
  • 300€ Cash prize


  • 56 – Affective Human-Robot Interaction with Multimodal Explanations, Hongbo Zhu, Chuang Yu, and Angelo Cangelosi
  • 106 – The Effects of Dyadic vs Triadic Interaction on Children’s Cognitive and Affective Gains in Robot-Assisted Alphabet Learning, Zhansaule Telisheva, Aida Zhanatkyzy, Nurziya Oralbayeva, Aida Amirova, Arna Aimysheva, and Anara Sandygulova

Robot Design Competition Awards

The following categories have been awarded:

– Category A: Innovation in software, applications, and interaction modalities

– Category B: Innovation in hardware, design, and interfaces

All the submissions will be considered for both categories (software and hardware).

Award Chairs

Amit Kumat Pandey, Rovial Space, beingAI Limited

Elisabetta Cianfarelli, University of Florence

Award Committee

Elmer van Grondelle, Delft University

Margherita Tufarelli, University of Florence

Shruti Chandra, University of Waterloo

Katrin Lohan, OST-Schweiz

Category A Award

RoPi: Robotic assistant for the emotional support of hospitalized children for burns

Sebastian Caballa, Manuel Aranda, Diego Zegarra, David Lizano, Hector Oscanoa, Diego Arce

  • Certificate
  • 200€ Cash prize

Runner up

Mosu Buddy: Mourning Support robot

Sebastian Chion, Itala Latorre, Karol Surco, Roberto Raez

  • Certificate


  • Cogui: Interactive Social Robot for ASD Children, Roberto Taez, William Meza, Adrian Anhuaman, Carlos Grandos
  • AMI MASK, Antonio Zaccariello, Matteo Palagi, Ruben Bertini

Category B Award

CollaBot: Collaborative Human-Robot Interaction Design for Robotic Library

Dahyun Kang, Minhee Kim, Juhan Choi, Wonil Lee, Sonya S. Kwak

  • Certificate
  • 200€ Cash prize

Runner up

Bubble Worlds: How Did Refugees Experience the Covid-19 Lockdown?

Azadeh Shariati, Duncan Paterson, Helge Wurdemann

  • Certificate


  • Bumbles, Bonfanti Fabio, Bonfanti Ilaria, Di Gaetano Elisa, Zhao Caiyu
  • Octosuit, Pietro Muzi, Francesco Palmerini
  • Smisto, Samia Becagli, Corsi, Chaabane

Metrics Award

Winner: Lu Xiangzhe, Netease (China)

  • Certificate
  • Full-day workshop registration at ICSR 2022


  • Junhwa Kim and NAMHO, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Dongguk university, Seoul, South Korea
  • Soonyong Son, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, South Korea
  • Olmer Garcia-Bedoya, Jose Tomas Lorente, Sebastian Murcia, Ekumenlabs, Argentina