Workshop Program 16th December

Friday 16th December

Eco-socio-botics 2022 – Social Robotics for Sustainability

Full day – On site – Room 1

ORGANIZERS: Ilaria Alfieri, Antonio Fleres, Luisa Damiano

Social Robots for Community Dwelling Older Adults in Europe and Japan

Half-day morning (9:00-13:00 CET) – Hybrid – Room 2

ORGANIZERS: Rainer Wieching, Toshimi Ogawa

From modelling to understanding children’s behaviour in the context of robotics and social artificial intelligence

Full day – Hybrid – Room 3

ORGANIZERS: Serge Thill, Vicky Charisi, Tony Belpaeme, Ana Paiva

ALTRUIST – sociAL roboTs for peRsonalized continUous and adaptIve aSsisTance

Full day – Hybrid – Auditorium

ORGANIZERS: Roberta Bevilacqua, Laura Fiorini, Francesca Fracasso, Alessandro Umbrico, Rainer Wieching

Evaluating Social Assistive Robots in Healthcare

Half-day morning (9:00-13:00) – Hybrid – Room 4

ORGANIZERS: Santosh Thoduka, Nico Hochgeschwender, Praminda Caleb-Solly, Mauro Dragone, Filippo Cavallo, Guilluame Avrin, Virgine Barbosa